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ly mats, this is Qin Yanzhao that keep the ceremony. Qin Su specifically point out at this time, who listened to all for his sake. But somehow, after listening to Qin Su, Qin Yanzhao s look was unnatural for a moment. He will face PMI Certification the side of the side of the side, deliberately or unconsciously dodging Qin Su s line of sight. Qi.n Yanzhao apparent dodge and evasion, so that has always been indifferent to the appearance of Mrs. too, with a trace of slight changes. She quietly turned her gaze and PMP it exam looked at Chung s who was sitting next. Chung s face as usual, only a slight movement of the body, like sitting some uncomfortable. This is almost subconscious action, so that Mrs. s eyes once again slightly changed, and soon returned to sad. Her silent sigh, once again look to Qin Yanzhao, Mouzhong hidden a trace of very disappointing. Qin Su is still a look of coy, ramble to say endless these days the cold, two brothers need to take care of the body, at night to add a few bed linen, straw mat also need to pad a few layers. PMP To be cold. not good to disturb you, to be a hundred days after the door to ask for advice. Word or sentence is still point in the decapitation of the ritual system. Qin Yang Zhao Zhao body who looked like the sun, at that moment, like some dull down. He turned away unconsciously and nodded uncontrollably Well, I know, and I have to take care of the six sisters. Qin Su co

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